Hello again!

It has been one and a half years since I made a post. The last post was on the tensor Calculus. While I have still not dropped plans to complete the series at some point of time, I think it is simply unsustainable for me right now. I have pondered once in a while at the reason why I stopped blogging and here are some possible reasons.

1. My aim was to make very expository posts. This is hard work and requires lot of motivation to keep up amidst all going on in life. Thus having this razor sharp focus on expository posts was not a good idea for my type of person. The moments of inspiration are few when I want to make such posts while a blog is something that should keep rolling.

2. I tend to plan quiet a lot before writing. This perfectionist attitude did not work well for me.

3. For sure I lack time management skills. But thats ok, I guess I am getting better.

I am not going to make any promises this time. Just try to write something whenever I feel like it … So once again – Hello everybody!


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