Illinois tollways

So you missed paying toll – you did not have enough cash or you just zoomed in through the IPass lane. If that happened on the Golden Gate Bridge , you have a toll violation and you will end up paying a hefty fine. I remember back in 2008 I missed paying the toll because I was like 10c short and I had to pay 25$. No checks, credit cards, invitation cards, greeting cards or poker face appeals worked. That really sucked! However Illinois has a great tollway system. Even if you speed past the toll booth for any number of reasons (including being in a hurry) you have upto 7 days to pay it online at – you just need to remember the approximate time, date and location of missed toll. There is a map on the website that one can use to figure out the missed booth you may need to spend 10 minutes on this but this is way more fair than paying 25$ fines! Go Illinois!


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